5014 Home Automation

You can ask Siri to do a lot of cool things by speaking to the HomePods in the house starting with Hey Siri.

Set Lighting Scenes

Hey Siri…
Good Night: turns out all of the lights
Good Morning: turns on lights in the kitchen at a 50%
Set the Dinner Scene: sets the scene for a dinner party
Set the TV Scene: Ideal for watching TV
Set the Cocktails Scene: sets the scene for a gathering
Set the Welcome Scene
Turn off all the lights

Play Music

Hey Siri…
Play Smooth Jazz Everywhere
Play R&B Hits in the Living Room
Stop the Music
Airplay: If you would like to play music from your iPhone on the HomePods, join the Wifi network below and AirPlay to rooms you see in the list.

WiFi: 5014TP 
Password: Alligator

Adjust the Thermostat

Hey Siri…
Cool the house down to 72 degrees
Warm the house up to 69 degrees

Room Names

You can also control lamps, lights, fans, etc. in rooms using the following room names:Kitchen
Sun Room
Living Room
Dining Room
Bedroom (includes the bathroom)
King Room
Twin Room


You can rest assured that nothing you say in this condo is being recorded or used in any way outside of controlling the appliances. The automations are using all Apple HomeKit products where privacy is a top priority.