About Us

Experienced Leadership with a Down-to-Earth Approach

What is a Fractional CTO?

Fractional CTO means we provide consultation in key technology decisions, oversee implementation of new systems, and help create a positive culture-driven environment for companies who aren’t looking to hire a full-time CTO.

Is it Right for My Business?

That depends. Do you feel like the technology strategy in your business empowers your people? Is the culture in your office collaborative and efficient? Do you want the confidence to make decisions in technology strategy for your company? Check out our About You page to learn more and see if working with a fractional CTO is the solution you’re looking for.

What’s the benefit of a Fractional CTO?

You get a strategic partner without technology biases who can come in and change your culture and implement a strategy that works for your business. Companies who aren’t looking to hire a full-time CTO get the same expertise from an experienced leader. Best of all, we empower you to make these decisions going forward, so in the future you are confident you’re making the best choices for long-term growth.

What’s the advantage of an unbiased approach?

We aren’t beholden to any specific software platform, we aren’t trying to sell any other service, and we work without overhead.

Will software provide a strategic advantage?

If it doesn’t, we won’t recommend it. There are many different software platforms and technologies, but we only recommend what we know will bring real value to your company.

Ready to Find a Technology Strategy That Works for You?

Need Someone to Translate Tech-Speak?

One of our great joys is teaching the ins and outs of software-based technology in layman’s terms. Our DevOps presentation on how it impacts the culture of an organization and culture hacks for making it work in an organization has been sought after for a few years now. An organizer at Southern Fried Agile said the talk was, “the most consumable overview of DevOps she has heard.”

Culture, the right business plan, and the right technology fit can raise your company’s floor well above the standard.

Patrick has implemented this culture-driven philosophy to leveraging software-based technology in business strategy for companies of all sizes. Since he is not bound to a specific software platform, overhead, or service of any kind, his approach is unbiased. Quite simply, his mission is to find the best solution for companies and their greatest asset—their people.