Presenting “What’s Your End Game” to the Launch Challenge Cohort

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I presented my new “What’s Your End Game?” deck to the Launch Challenge group at the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center last week. It was a highly engaged group with loads of great questions. They were really interested in both the bookkeeping hygiene topics and my favorite slide that addresses the importance of culture in the process.   

Honesty Acquisition

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One of the first things you realize when you start the process of selling your business is the importance of keeping secrets. You don’t want people to get upset when you’re only thinking about something. So you start making a lot of phone calls and video conferences behind closed doors. You even start doing some travel without mentioning to folks …

2019 Trends Part 2: Technology Impacting Culture and Society

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Last week I stuck to technology and how our approach is changing to build the best software experiences we’ve ever built. This week I’m changing gears a little to talk about culture, a subject you know I’m passionate about. More so, I’ll talk about how we as software technology professionals can impact society on the whole. Mobility and Smart City …

7 Tech Trends for 2019

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2019 Trends Part 1 2018 was a big year for us with significant progress in our agile transformation and digital transformation practices. Culture continues to be a big part of the impact on our organization, and on how we impact our customer partners. This year, I’ve broken up the conversation into two parts, one on technology (my first passion) and the second on …

Romania Travel Tips

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As many of you know, I’ve been to Romania a few times. OK, I’ve been a lot. I love the country and I consider Cluj my second home. I get a lot of questions about traveling to the region so a few years ago I wrote these travel tips and I keep them up as things change. It includes everything …

A Developer’s Job Security Paradox: The Risks of Choosing a “Safe” Career

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It’s debated so often, psychologists should call it the Developer’s Dilemma: do I choose the stability and stagnation of a product-focused company, or the risk and variety of working for a services firm? There are only two options to choose and yet both feel like polar opposites. Oddly though, each answer somehow feels equally smart, equally stupid, and equally satisfying. …

I’m an IT outsider

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I’ve written in the past about Shadow IT. In the IT world, it’s just simply a dirty word. It’s also something I’ve somewhat made a career out of. My first “real job” was at a big company that, like all big companies, had a tough time figuring out how to use the limited time, money, and resources at their disposal. …