2019 Trends Part 2: Technology Impacting Culture and Society

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Last week I stuck to technology and how our approach is changing to build the best software experiences we’ve ever built. This week I’m changing gears a little to talk about culture, a subject you know I’m passionate about. More so, I’ll talk about how we as software technology professionals can impact society on the whole. Mobility and Smart City …

7 Tech Trends for 2019

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2019 Trends Part 1 2018 was a big year for us with significant progress in our agile transformation and digital transformation practices. Culture continues to be a big part of the impact on our organization, and on how we impact our customer partners. This year, I’ve broken up the conversation into two parts, one on technology (my first passion) and the second on …

Speaking at the Volvo Business Analysis Professional Development Day 2018

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I’m pretty excited that our customer, Volvo Trucks, has asked me to speak at their upcoming event titled Business Analysis Professional Development Day 2018. From their flyer: During this Development Day, the development, challenges, and required skills of the 21st century Business Analyst will be examined. Andrea Tetto, (SVP Commercial Support) will highlight the business needs and the impact the …

How to Build a Successful DevOps Culture Within Your Organization

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The technology industry is rapidly changing, and software development teams must change along with it. In the past, software development teams had siloed organizations, with one team focusing on development, another focused on quality assurance testing, and a completely separate group focused on operations and infrastructure. This created a linear process of development, QA, and then deployment. In turn, it …

Featured in Better Software Magazine Cover Story

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  I was recently published as the featured cover story on Better Software Magazine’s April 2018 issue. I wrote about migrating an organization to DevOps and how it not only requires adoption of new processes, tools, and automation but also relies ondramatic culture change to encourage total transparency and collaboration among all project stakeholders.

How to Successfully Manage Agile Transformation in Your Company

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Many software product companies have been using the Agile Scrum methodology for years. But even companies whose core business has not traditionally involved software development are rapidly following suit. Regardless of industry, companies are always looking for a way to deliver the most valuable product in the least amount of time, and in many cases, Agile software development makes that …

4 Types of Software Development You Can Entrust to a Partner

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Outsourcing software development is a choice that countless organizations continue to make, from tiny tech start-ups to massive Fortune 500 firms. Choosing to work with a software development partner offers many advantages, but it also entails a number of potential risks that should be managed with careful planning and frequent communication. The good news is that trustworthy, excellent software development …

3 Ways Automated Tests Make Your Software Shine

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The word “test” doesn’t usually draw excitement out of people. Many refer to their days of school and shudder at the thought of the midterm or final exam. While many throw away their proverbial flashcards after graduation, others deal with tests on a day to day basis. One such group of individuals are quality assurance engineers, or testers. Day in …

Video: Defining Done

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What is the definition of done? In this brief video I discuss how the definition of done is ever shifting in the world of software development. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRauTScMyYU?rel=0]