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4 Types of Software Development You Can Entrust to a Partner

Outsourcing software development is a choice that countless organizations continue to make, from tiny tech start-ups to massive Fortune 500 firms. Choosing to work with a software development partner offers many advantages, but it also entails a number of potential risks that should be managed with careful planning and frequent communication. The good news is […]

Look for 3 Things From Your Software Agreement

Any business contract can be unnerving to enter. Licensing agreements surrounding software development and who owns code can dictate long-term relationships and uncover costly surprises if not carefully examined. Here are three things to look for before signing on the dotted line. Licensing Rights Some agreements assign licensing rights to the developer. Engaging in this type […]

How “Shadow IT” Could Actually Help Your IT Department.

When you need custom software developed, you have two options: use in-house software developers or outsource to a software development firm. While your preference is likely to use in-house resources, your development team may not be available and recruiting newstaff will be challenging and time-consuming, especially if there’s a talent gap in your market. Most […]

Software Development Skills Your Partner Must Have

Too often, companies overlook key skills when deciding to bring in an outside software development firm. You might hope to increase your IT team’s capacity and capabilities, but doing so doesn’t guarantee you will get a corresponding increase in business value and team productivity. In order to accelerate development and reach your business objectives, you will […]

Is Your Custom Software Project Ready for an External Team?

Teaming up with an agile software development firm makes sense for many projects, but certainly not all. In general, here are a few types of custom software development projects you could successfully entrust to a partner: Building a new product Maintaining and supporting an existing system Co-developing a product (using internal and external software engineering teams) Strategic consulting The type of […]

Start with the Right Custom Software Projects When Working with a Partner

Is your internal IT team unable to meet demand for the innovative software your company needs to grow? One solution is to partner with a software development firm. You may be cautious about working with an external team, especially if you have never partnered with a software developer in the past. Your partner must adhere to deadlines, stay […]