How to Build a Successful DevOps Culture Within Your Organization

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The technology industry is rapidly changing, and software development teams must change along with it. In the past, software development teams had siloed organizations, with one team focusing on development, another focused on quality assurance testing, and a completely separate group focused on operations and infrastructure. This created a linear process of development, QA, and then deployment. In turn, it …

Speaking on the Culture of Code at Southern Fried Agile

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Just received the news that I’ve been selected as a presenter at the upcoming Southern Fried Agile conference in Charlotte. I’m so glad that folks are still interested in hearing my take on how DevOps positively impacts culture in development organizations. I’m also looking forward to being there as an attendee again as well. They have another great lineup of speakers!

Featured in Better Software Magazine Cover Story

Patrick Turner Agile, Culture, DevOps, Publications

  I was recently published as the featured cover story on Better Software Magazine’s April 2018 issue. I wrote about migrating an organization to DevOps and how it not only requires adoption of new processes, tools, and automation but also relies ondramatic culture change to encourage total transparency and collaboration among all project stakeholders.

How to Successfully Manage Agile Transformation in Your Company

Patrick Turner Agile, Culture

Many software product companies have been using the Agile Scrum methodology for years. But even companies whose core business has not traditionally involved software development are rapidly following suit. Regardless of industry, companies are always looking for a way to deliver the most valuable product in the least amount of time, and in many cases, Agile software development makes that …

5 Crucial Tech Goals for Your 2018 Plan

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2018 is going to be the year of transformation, and companies will look to make sense of where, why, and how technology fits into it all. These transformative processes and practices will hit critical mass, and if left on the back burner, you may be left struggling against your competition. Place them on your radar for the new year, and …

Podcast: The Cultural Impacts of DevOps on QA

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I sat down with Noel Wurst from the Tricentis Continuous Testing Live Podcast at the DevOps East Conference  in Orlando to talk about how the culture impacts of DevOps impact QAs in software development. He was really interested in my perspective on how the QA’s role is changing thanks to the impact of DevOps on the development team. He was a …