3 Things to Consider When Migrating to DevOps

DevOps offers businesses the possibility to transform their processes and workflows for the better — but first they have to understand what they’re getting themselves into. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon in the effort to catch up with your competitors, you need to understand exactly what such a migration entails. Below, you’ll find a discussion of three […]

Eliminating Silos with DevOps

Traditionally, organizations doing software development have adopted an approach of “divide and conquer.” Developers, QA testers, IT administrators, managers, operations engineers—all of these people had their role to play and focused on doing that particular thing well. This approach has often gone hand-in-hand with the waterfall software development model, in which development is separated into […]

4 Types of Software Development You Can Entrust to a Partner

Outsourcing software development is a choice that countless organizations continue to make, from tiny tech start-ups to massive Fortune 500 firms. Choosing to work with a software development partner offers many advantages, but it also entails a number of potential risks that should be managed with careful planning and frequent communication. The good news is […]

What are the Advantages of DevOps?

Businesses with fundamental IT issues can attribute them to any number of underlying causes, from a lack of collaboration and communication to massive amounts of compounding technical debt. However, it’s not always easy or possible for organizations to self-diagnose where exactly they’re going wrong, which only serves to exacerbate the problems as they tinker with […]

What is the Need for DevOps?

These days, DevOps seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips. If you have not implemented it yourself within your organization, you have almost certainly heard about it from a thought leader or connection in the industry who cannot stop singing its praises. Of course, the tech industry is a faddish one, which should naturally […]

Do You Really Need a Mobile App?

With the explosion of mobile apps in recent years, you may be wondering if your organization could potentially capitalize on this technological phenomenon. However, before you start hiring mobile app development teams and throwing thousands of dollars at an all-singing, all-dancing application, ask yourself, do you really need a mobile app? A Growing Trend, but […]