Iei date, pui date

I was talking with some colleagues in Romania this week about some team members who needed help understanding some of the fundamental I/0 aspects of a project. I was talking about how that’s all the project was about. It was data data being sent and received. We use terms like endpoints, algorithms, and APIs, along with other terms that sound complicated. This makes it sound like there’s a lot to understand. As the conversation continued, I realized that all software is simply data being sent and received. This is something that they had discussed at length, and another colleague had a Romanian saying that went along with it: Iei date, pui date. The phrase translates to, “You take data, you put data.” 

We in the software development industry certainly love to complicate what we do. Some would say we baffle with bullshit to try to make our jobs seem somehow more important than they are. However, you take data, you put data.

By the way, that first letter is an I, not an L. If you use an L, it translates to Lions given, chickens given. That changes the meaning for sure, but I’m not sure what it means!