Email Newsletters Aren’t Dead

Like most of you I sit in front of a computer most of the day, and when I’m not there I’m often staring at my phone. The logical way to consume news would be through websites, which I certainly do. And I find myself in front of the Apple News app regularly now that it’s on the Mac since it’s just there, teasing me to click. This is usually in drive-by fashion though, when I just want a quick distraction. When I actually want to dive into some content, I still have a few email newsletters that I like to read word-for-word.

Most recently, I’ve been enjoying The Hustle. It comes just before the lunch hour. As a result, I find myself eating my lunch at my desk looking at their newsletter. I feel that this is somehow better than looking at spreadsheets or email like I do most of the day
otherwise. It’s like I’m really taking a lunch break, even though I’m still staring at a screen. The Hustle seems to speak to me. The topics are areas I’m really interested in such as news, politics, technology, and investing. They even have a Spotify playlist that doesn’t suck. But the key is that the writers’ voices sound relatable to a technologist like myself so that even topics I might normally skip I find myself reading. The topics are generally spot on in that I find myself sharing an article from the email almost daily.

I still like my other subscriptions like WiredBenedict’s Newsletter, and Grit, though I don’t stop everything and read these like I do the Hustle.

What newsletters do you read? Let me know in the comments!