Prioritizing Software Ideas: How to Narrow Down Your Options

Brainstorming is an important part of the agile software development process. Not only is it the most effective way to generate new custom software ideas for your business, but it also brings the entire team together and gets everyone on the same page.


Brainstorming in an agile environment is cross-functional and involves people from all areas of the company. After a productive brainstorming session, there’s no shortage of ideas, but deciding which ones to prioritize is often challenging. If you’re having trouble prioritizing your ideas, here are some factors to consider.

Questions To Ask When Prioritizing Your Options

Narrowing down your long list of software ideas isn’t easy, especially since you invested time in the brainstorming process and oftentimes people feel strongly about their own ideas even though they might not be as valuable as others. Not every idea is going to be feasible or beneficial for your business, which is why it’s important to prioritize your options. Here are some questions to help you prioritize.

1. Is it a solution that trumps your competition?

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t develop custom software if there’s something similar on the market. You don’t need to be the pioneer, however,, you do need a differentiated technology or business solution that’s better. Look for ways to improve upon competitors’ offerings through unique features and a better user experience that will delight your customer.

2. Does it align with my business’ strategy?

All too often, ideas move forward in the software development process because they sound cool. You don’t need cool technology if the ideas don’t make good business sense as well. Prioritize ideas that directly align with some aspect of your business’ strategy. When considering your options, ask yourself, “Will this idea help us reach our business goals?” Ideas that fit into your business’ strategy will help you achieve greater return on investment.

3. How will this software benefit the end user?

Custom software development is more than creating original and innovative software solutions. More importantly, it’s about creating a product that provides value to your end user. As you narrow down your options, think about which ideas will provide the greatest benefits to the customer. The ideas with the most value are usually the ideas worth pursuing first.

How The Agile Methodology Helps You Choose The Best Ideas

The agile methodology aims to streamline business workflow, reduce costs and increase efficiency. When you’re able to prioritize software ideas that have the most potential, you increase your chances of success in the market.

The agile methodology allows solutions to evolve through collaboration. It ensures that you’re not trying to build out every idea, but instead prioritizing the ones that are most important to your business and its goals. By teaming with an agile software development firm, your business will benefit from a highly collaborative environment that promotes creativity, flexibility and critical thinking.

Originally published by Small Footprint.